As Trump Visits Kenosha, Jacob Blake’s Father Refuses To Play Politics

As Trump Visits Kenosha, Jacob Blake’s Father Refuses To Play Politics

As Donald Trump is all set to visit Kenosha on Tuesday, the father of black victim Jacob Blake, who was shot by police, refused to play politics with the issue. He said that his son was holding on to his life at the hospital, and he does not want to indulge in any sort of politics at the moment. The shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha police officer triggered anti-racism protests across the country. The protests got wide support from all corners that prompted even Trump to respond to the incident.

During his visit to Kenosha, Trump is expected to meet local authorities and police officers. However, he declined to meet Blake’s family members during the visit and instead focused on the law and order issues haunting the city in recent weeks. When reminded about Trump’s visit to Kenosha, Blake’s father said that his son’s life was more important for his family at the moment, and they are not interested in having a meeting with Trump. He added that he does not want to get into a photo op with the politicians.

Local authorities had earlier requested Trump to cancel his visit to the affected region as it can spark a fresh round of violence given his controversial nature. They feared that Trump saying anything controversial during his visit could reignite the violent protests in the region, and it can be difficult for the authorities to handle the situation. However, Trump is in no mood to listen to such suggestions, and he took an aggressive stance by blaming the Democrats for not being able to control the violence. He said that law and order is now an important issue for Americans, and he will not tolerate anyone who ignites tensions.

As Trump Visits Kenosha, Jacob Blake’s Father Refuses To Play Politics

Before visiting Kenosha, Trump clarified that he was not willing to meet Blake’s family as they wanted to involve lawyers during the meeting. He said that it was inappropriate to hold such meetings in front of lawyers at this stage and instead decided to meet the pastor of the family. Trump has also openly defended the 17-year-old boy Rittenhouse who is accused of killing two protestors and injuring one person during the recent riots. Trump said that the boy seems to have acted in self-defense, and he criticized the authorities for not being able to control the violence.

Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by a Kenosha police officer, and this has left him paralyzed waist down. He is still battling for his life in hospital. Blake’s father said that nothing is more important for them than the life of Jacob Blake, and they are in no mood to politicize the issue. He added that Jacob Blake was a happy man who used to run around with the kids and talk to him over the phone regularly and seeing him in this condition is very difficult for the family.

Blake’s father also said that his family had received some threats since the shooting incident happened, and their family is under tremendous pressure in this situation. He said that he had to take his 20-year-old son to the hospital as he was depressed with all these incidents. However, he did not give further details about his health condition. The Kenosha police officer who was involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake has been sent on administrative leave, and a judicial inquiry is ordered to probe the incident. Even Donald Trump spoke about the incident and commented that the officer should have done something else other than shooting seven times in the back.

Democrat Tony Evers, who is also the Governor of Wisconsin, has urged Donald Trump to reconsider his visit to Kenosha, given the current situation. He said that the presence of Trump could reignite the tensions, and it will hamper the healing of the city. However, Trump has stuck to his plan, and the visit is confirmed by White House authorities. Speaking to the media, officials from the White House said that Trump would be having a meeting with the law enforcement team in Kenosha and also survey the affected areas in the city.

Meanwhile, violent protests have rocked Oregon and Portland for many weeks, and it has become a major flashpoint for various protests and demonstrations. Recently, a group of Trump supporters clashed with Black Lives Matter supporters, and it led to a lot of chaos in Portland. The killing of George Floyd in May by a police officer led to the Black Lives Matter movement across the country, and this has received wide recognition from all parts of the world. George Floyd was killed brutally by a police officer in full public view when the officer knelt on the victim’s neck for a long time during the arrest.

The incident sparked lots of protests across America, and Trump even deployed Federal Forces to handle the situation. However, they were later withdrawn as many allegations came up that their presence was igniting further tensions in the affected area.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles has also reported a similar incident wherein a black man was shot dead by the police. According to police, the 29-year-old man was chased by police after he was spotted riding a bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. He stuck an officer and dropped a bundle of clothing before being shot by the police. The police later recovered a black semi-automatic handgun from the clothing. Many people protested the incident, and some tensions were seen in many other neighboring areas.

Given the series of incidents happening across the US in recent months, it appears that it will have some impact on the upcoming elections. Both the parties also realize this, and they are trying to cash in on the incidents by taking sides. In this scenario, it would be interesting to see the election results as this will decide which way the future is headed in terms of racial injustice done to the public by authorities.

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