Police Violence, Not Systemic Issues Says Trump In Interaction With Black Pastors At Kenosha

Police Violence, Not Systemic Issues Says Trump In Interaction With Black Pastors At Kenosha

During the visit to Kenosha, Donald Trump interacted with black pastors and discussed the recent violent protests and shooting of Jacob Blake that led to the protests. The two pastors Sharon Ward and James Ward asked Trump what he thinks about police violence is a systemic issue. He declined such things and said that police are doing an incredible job, and there may be some bad apples.

The two black people who were present at the round table meeting with other Wisconsin business owners were pastors for Julia Jackson, mother of Jacob Blake, who was shot by a police officer. The shooting incident had sparked widespread violence across the city that even claimed two lives. President Trump said that the police were under tremendous pressure, and they may not handle it well on some occasions. It said it happens, and they cannot be completely blamed for such incidents. He added that he felt that police violence was not a systemic issue during his personal interaction with the police personnel.

The reporters asked the pastors about the issue of violence by police, and Trump answered the question. It appeared that the pastors were not given an opportunity to answer the question. The wards interacted with Trump and said that they wanted to work with him towards restoring unity during this situation. After offering a prayer, James Ward said that they believe that the pain of black Americans will be heard with empathy and compassion. On their part, they were willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace and true healing to the nation.

Police Violence, Not Systemic Issues Says Trump In Interaction With Black Pastors At Kenosha

Trump did not seem to like the question about systemic racism across the country, and he said that the media is often focusing on the opposite subject. He said that the focus should be on the kind of violence seen in Portland and other regions of the country, and that is the real issue. When asked about the need for structural change in law enforcement organizations across the US, Trump said that you also have to consider the opinion of other people in Kenosha who are not protesting and who are not here at the meeting. All they want is law and order, and they want the police to work as police officers.

He said that most people want peace to be restored, and they want protection for their property and family members. It is interesting to note that one 17-year-old boy opened fire on the protestors during the protests and killed two of them in the incident. Another person was injured in the shooting and admitted to the hospital. The accused shooter defended his actions saying that he was trying to act in self-defense and trying to protect the properties of Kenosha from violent protests. He was later arrested by the police, and he faced several criminal charges.

However, Trump appeared to support the actions of the young boy, saying that it appears that he was acting in self-defense. Trump said that the focus should be on stopping such violence during protests, and the boy could have been harmed had he not opened fire on the rioters. This did not go down well with many people, and they criticized Trump for his insensitive comments on the shooting incident.

Trump also surveyed the affected areas of Kenosha and discussed law and order issues with local businesses. He even posed for the cameras in front of several burnt properties and sympathized with the people who had to suffer such violence for no reason. He even assured help to the affected community and the local law enforcement agencies. He offered the help of $1 million to the law enforcement organizations and $4 million help to the affected businesses in Kenosha.

The situation is similar across many states, and people are divided whenever such incidents happen on the streets. While some people believe that the police atrocities need to end, others pay more attention to the violence that erupts after such incidents and harm the common public. Not only that, but the damage to property during such riots has also prompted many businesses to shut shop in Portland and many other areas that have seen violent protests for more than a month.

Portland and other areas have seen violent protests since the end of May as it witnessed the killing of a black person by a police officer. This incident triggered the Black Lives Matter movement, and it spread like wildfire across the US. Not stopping at that, the movement even got wide recognition from many other nations. Several protests were held to highlight police atrocity on black people, and many protests turned violent, leading to a lot of chaos. Many businesses and the common public suffered a lot during such riots, and properties were burnt across the city.

Many people are also supporting Trump in such issues as they believe that controlling street violence is of high priority, and you cannot tie the hands of law enforcement organizations in such situations. They need to do what is necessary to control the violence, and this often leads to clashes between police and protestors. It has happened many times in recent months, and the media gets an opportunity to play around such issues. Even political parties are trying to make the most of the situation for their own gains. Each party tries to take a side and use it for their campaign. Trump has always focused more on the law and order concept and said that Biden does not oppose such street violence.

On his part, Biden has always spoken about police atrocity in such cases and supported the Black Lives Matter protests while suggesting that violence is not the way to resolve the problem. In this regard, many political analysts believe that this can significantly impact the results of the upcoming elections in November. As Trump seems to be directly taking the side of police authorities on most occasions, he may lose some support from the black community.

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