Intake Of Strong Alcohol Results In Regressing Brain Growth

Research suggests that heavy intake of alcohol results in slow development of brains and in cases impairing brain development.

A study was published on April 1, 2019, in the journal eNeuro which suggested that heavy intake of alcohol reduces the brain growth rate by 0.25 ml every year. In layman language, four beers per day is responsible for such impairment of brain growth. A team of researchers measured the level of growth by magnetic resonance of a primate called Rhesus macaque, a threatened species which consumed ethanol drink.

The team deeply studied the food habits, diet and food intake and healthcare which were correlative to humans. Thus the findings of the research study observed the repercussion of ethanol drink on the development of human brain. Christopher Kroenke, an associate professor in the Division of Neuroscience at the primate center stated, “Human studies are based on self-reporting of underage drinkers.” The study suggests normal brain growth in the primate is 1 ml in 1.87 years concerning the adolescent period and early adulthood. It claims that intake of heavy alcohol results in decrease in brain growth and in certain cases resulting impairment of brain development.

Previous studies have reported that the brain is capable of recovering its lost growth caused due to ethanol beverage consumption. However , consumption of alcohol in early and later adolescent period is undoubtedly harmful. The research study was funded by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and written by Tatiana Shnitko, a research assistant professor at the prior mentioned primate center.

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