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Coherent Market Insights, a market intelligence and consulting company, has developed an easy to access database for companies interested in biologics and biosimilars. This database is called PHASE-XS, and includes a comprehensive clinical and market data for biologics and biosimilars in phase 3 and 4. PHASE-XS helps you to stay updated with ongoing phase 3 developments. It tracks more than 25 critical drug trial parameters, enabling detailed analysis for the clients.

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Benefits of PHASE-XS:

  • Identify the potential competitors of future
  • Identify target products for biosimilars through patent expiry details
  • Identify indication extension of already approved biologics
  • Identify the white spaces
  • Identify the products with significant revenue opportunity
  • Identify an ideal trail design possessing a competitive edge
  • Identify addressable patient pool
  • Get actionable market forecast


Everyone innovator wants to be in quadrant 3 of the innovation-market need matrix. However, very few therapies have gained such privileges and reaped the benefits. With rising R&D costs, pricing pressure, and generic competition, innovation is the key to success in pharmaceutical industry. Blockbuster drugs such as Aspirin, Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel, Esomeprazole, Apriprazole, Montelukast, Rosuvastatin, and Adalimumab are the major milestones in the pharmaceutical industry history.

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