Joint Supplement Drug Can Help to Ease Heart Health

The use of glucosamine reduced the risk of all CVD events by 15% along with stroke and coronary heart disease. A new study has found that a cheap pill used to soothe... Read more »

Yahoo to Settle Data Breach Lawsuit with US$ 117.5 Million

From 2013 and 2016, the company had three different data breaches, compromising billions of accounts. Yahoo has returned with a new settlement amount to amend its massive data breaches that took place... Read more »

Twitch Launches Novel Feature Allowing Multiple Creators To Go Live At Once

The novel feature launched by the subsidiary of Amazon giant allows creators to collaborate with each other at once. The live video streaming website on March 27, 2019, officially announced launching of... Read more »

Research Evaluates Cigarette Affordability in China

Researchers from American Cancer Society investigated the level and growth in cigarette affordability in China According to Tobacco: Euromonitor from Trade Sources/National Statistics, Euromonitor International Ltd., 2018, China is the world’s largest... Read more »
Social Interaction among Viruses Aid to Escape the Immune System

Social Interaction among Viruses Aid to Escape the Immune System

A group of researchers from the Institute of Integrated Systems Biology (I²SysBio) demonstrated the social behaviorism of viruses in order to evade the immune system. The research was conducted based on vesicular... Read more »