‘Angry Bird AR’ Allows To Use Slingshot Mechanism For Real World

Rovio Entertainment develops new game for iOS users constructing images of real world for the Angry Birds to topple them.

Rovio Entertainment has already jumped from smartphones to augmented reality, but the latest game ‘Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs’ is a blockbuster franchise which allows the gamers to topple real world objects on the display. The game developer uses Apple’s ARKit which uses 3D objects’ image to construct virtual images. These virtual images are displayed on the screen further allowing the gamers to topple the objects using ‘Angry Birds’.

The ‘Angry Bird AR’ launched in March 2019, is somewhat similar to First Person Slingshot which was launched by Rovio on September 19, 2018. The game allowed users to walk freely around stages estimating zero obstruction in the real world to achieve the best angle to topple the objects. It can be played in a landscape mode but portrait mode allows better handling with one hand. It also allows the users to lean in, to prevent them from not missing a shot. The latest game however is not very different from what Pokémon Go and Zombie Go offered. However, it former is definitely more detailed and allows leaning in. The gamers found the ‘Angry Bird’ slingshot mechanism quite smooth while hitting a pillar or furniture. While some augmented reality apps have failed with aligning the real word objects, the latest game did not falter.

However, there are a few limitations of the advanced game. It can only be featured in iOS based phones. Furthermore, if the gamer has an old version of iPhone such as iPhone XS then he will face difficulties. Even if the gamer is playing in a poorly lit room then the app will not function properly. Nevertheless, there are estimations that probably the augmented reality will be soon launched on Android samrtphones but it certainly will take plenty of time.

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